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Roll covering material selection is essential for performance in the Tissue Industry.

Emboss roll coverings must exhibit minimal heat build-up characteristics (low hysteresis) and excellent rebound resilience.   Both are essential as line speeds increase and emboss patterns by depth & design become more technically demanding to produce.  It is essential that the rubber Emboss roll continues to run at a stable temperature controlling the diameter and the pressure in the nip.  Hysteresis is lost energy resulting from repeated flexing & deformation.  An emboss cover with low hysteresis properties will expend the energy to pass the rubber into and through the nip then completely recover in preparation to re-enter the nip.  Excellent rebound resilience properties enable the rubber Emboss to push deep into the pattern providing true pattern replication & glue strike.

Martland Rollers are able to offer three grades of emboss cover that exhibit these characteristics namely EmbossMaster I, EmbossMaster II and EmbossMaster III


Embossing Rolls

EmbossMaster I 45 – 70shore A

  • An Emboss cover with low hysteresis for cool running, excellent physical properties (modulus & tear strength) and excellent abrasion properties.

Benefits include:

  • Precise pattern definition
  • Exceptional cover life

EmbossMaster II  45 – 70 Shore A

  • For the convertor producing a diverse product range with multiple pattern changes or lines producing both toilet paper and kitchen towel. The Emboss cover has a greater elasticity providing greater resilience combined with excellent abrasion and mechanical strength.

Benefits include:

  • Versatility to change between products that have a wide range of pattern heights & complexities
  • Extended cover life 

EmbossMaster III 45 – 70 Shore A

  • For the convertor who needs an Emboss cover with outstanding resilience to enable ultimate control within the nip through the reduction of the nip width & nip pressure to facilitate precise pattern replication and glue strike through whilst maintaining the papers strength.

Benefits include –

  • Cost savings provided by increased tonnage from cold start up and up-sheeting savings from improved bulk tonnage and log firmness.
  • Improved product quality with precise pattern replication and enhanced final product strength.


  • ApplicatorMaster I 65-70 Shore A
  • Surface finish 0.8 Ra
  • Superb superior glue transfer


  • ApplicatorMaster II 65-70 Shore A
  • Surface finish 0.8 Ra
  • Exceptional abrasion properties

Benefits include:

  • Improved glue transfer
  • Outstanding cover life
  • Reduced down time & glue wrap rounds
  • Reduced fibre pick-up and glue contamination


Marriage Rolls

  • MarriageMaster I 89 – 98 Shore A
  • Excellent dynamic properties
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • Dual layer construction

Benefits include:

  • Excellent cover life


  • MarriageMaster II 89 – 95 Shore A
  • Outstanding dynamic properties
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance

Benefits include:

  • Easy clean, reduced down time

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